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Man eats 25,000 hamburgers

Man eats 25,000 hamburgers
Competitive eaters of the world, take note: those looking to oust Don Gorske from his recent record-breaking feat have an awful lot to ketchup on.

39 years to the day since Gorske ate his first Big Mac—and then another eight of them—the 57-year-old Wisconsin man finished his burger number 25,000 from McDonalds—a whopper of an accomplishment that has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The media was on hand to catch Gorske’s 25,000th burger on Tuesday, where he said he would continue to eat Big Macs “until I die.” He was 19 when he downed his first 1,000 Big Macs and pondered how long it would be before he hit ten grand.

The McDonalds corporation has acknowledged Gorkse’s achievement, saying,"We’re honored that Don Gorske continues to be a longtime, loyal customer. We look forward to serving him for many years to come."

Gorske is not known to have any health problems and keeps a normal cholesterol count, despite eating 14 of the burgers—each containing over 500 calories a piece—every week. He was profiled in Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary Super Size Me and has only gone a handful of days without a Big Mac since his first encounter. Now he keeps a supply in his freezer in case of an emergency.

“I never get sick of them and I look forward to them every day," he said in a 2001 report from the Internet Broadcasting news agency.At the time he boasted that his children have eaten more Happy Meals that any other kids in the world and, in case you had any doubt, says that Big Macs are indeed his favorite food. He has only had one Burger King Whopper.

Before he was even half-way to his current burger count, Gorske says he wondered, “Boy, by the time I hit 25,000 I will be old and retired. Well wouldn't you know, I'm not super old, I am 50-something, but I am retired and stuff, but you don't dream of living so long as to reach a milestone like that."

And a milestone like that is certainly something worth relishing.