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Brainwash level - ‘neocons’: Staged Liz Wahl Psy-Op exposure explodes on Twitter

Brainwash level - ‘neocons’: Staged Liz Wahl Psy-Op exposure explodes on Twitter
Remember the Mainstream’s frothing over Liz Wahl’s resignation from RT? How she was feted by the networks, supported by the beast, and embraced heartily by neo-con Russia-haters?

Turns out things might not be as spontaneous as they seem – in fact, in the paranoid world of neo-con American journalism things are very rarely spontaneous. They’re usually nasty, angry, ugly exchanges full of trolly self-righteous butthurt.

Rania Khalek & Max Blumenthal revealed that tweets, likely by mouthpiece Jamie Kirchick at the neo-con think-tank FPI, pre-empted Wahl’s RT stage exit.

Not only that, but that Kirchick, along with Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray (who coincidentally also published an RT hit-piece recently) and Eli Lake, are knitted into a cosy set of self-supporting neo-con relationships with lobbyists and foreign policy hawks.

Here they are (with Wahl) being totally not sorry about that.

It started with Khalek & Bumenthal tweeting a paragraph exposing how Gray, Lake and Kirchick are linked by lobbying, but spun into a childish slag-fest that even got people flipping birds. Seriously.

Good start out of the blocks! That moment a Buzzfeed ‘power smurf’ realizes she’s on a US Foreign Agent Act register.

But then it gets personal.

Then catty.

Then comes the dining and whining pay-off expose.

A schoolyard bully brouhaha breaks out (emphasis on haha).

Enter True American hero.

Over the horizon gallops Slate’s Dave Wiegel (author of a ‘puff piece’ on Wahl that very day), brandishing a photo of Abby & Khalek flipping off a pic of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Claws are out and Khalek has to, y’know, tell the truth.

Slap! Wahl goes into radio silence. The damsel is distressed. Slate’s man reaches for the conspiracy hammer. Are you ready?

So now, RT is behind a ‘counteroffensive’. When in doubt blame the Kremlin. Always. Blame. The Kremlin. Because sources.

Yeah, only real journalists can dig that deep, and know what you meant better than you did.

Lake obliged.

While Jamie is not offended at all (why would he be?), he has these important messages to deliver to the world via his army of 5,000+ Twitter followers:

We feel for you, Jamie! We feel for you.