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13 Nov, 2009 01:55

Bush attempting to rewrite history of "disastrous presidency"

Former US President George W. Bush is set to rewrite the history of his presidency, which was a “disaster for America,” US radio host and author Thom Hartmann told RT.

The University of Virginia has announced it will put together an oral history of Bush's presidency. It will work together with the George Bush Foundation and is planning around 100 interviews with leading members of his administration.

“Rather than a presidential library, like most presidents have, which basically just chronicle the presidency, George Bush is going to be spending several hundred million dollars to hire so-called scholars to rewrite his legacy and to re-invent the history of his administration,” said radio host and author Thom Hartmann.

The reality is, he went on, that “the biggest legacy of his administration right now is what we saw last week in Fort Hood, Texas,” where a Muslim American officer murdered more than a dozen fellow soldiers.

Hartmann believes Bush should have dealt with “Osama bin Laden and his small radical Islamic mafia” in a different way. Had he “asked for international cooperation from police agencies, labeled them criminals, arrested them, had them tried and put them in jail, the 9/11 victims would have closure and Muslims around the world would not only not hate America and be afraid of it –as so many of them do right now – but we would probably see a renaissance in Islam.”

“Bush was the worst president of America, and if not the total worst, the second worst behind John Adams. His presidency was a disaster – it was a disaster for working people, it was a disaster for the military… for our international relations… for us economically,” Hartmann said.

“I guarantee it is going to cost him at least a couple of hundred million dollars… to re-spin that history,” Hartmann said. “He is going to do his best to do it, and he will accomplish it.”