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4 Apr, 2013 14:10

‘Drones fly, children die’: US activists launch massive anti-drone campaign

A month-long nationwide anti-drone campaign has kicked off in New York. Numerous activist groups are planning to take part in ‘April Days of Action’ demonstrations, attempting to draw public attention to the use of drones.

Dozens gathered in Manhattan on Wednesday to mark the beginning of the month of action against the policy and practice of drone warfare and secret surveillance.

The campaign is organized by a number of local and national organizations, who argue that drone strikes threaten civilian lives in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the domestic use of drones violates people`s sovereignty.

“Too many civilians have been killed by these drones, and that includes women and children,” an activist at the demonstration told RT.

The demonstration in Manhattan has been organized by members of Grandmothers Against the War, Granny Peace Brigade, the Raging Grannies and other groups participating in the protest.

Members of the group "Grandmothers Against the War" hold signs as they protest against the use of drone strikes by the U.S. government in New York April 3, 2013. (Reuters)

Wednesday`s protest in New York will be followed by three days of protests outside the facilities of companies that make drones, including at San Diego-based General Atomics.

Throughout April the protests will also take place at universities and other institutions that conduct research of drone technology or help drone pilots and operators trainings.

Washington use of drones to target suspected terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The practice has drawn sharp criticism from activists and the UN, who say strikes often result in numerous civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, drones are becoming part of US domestic reality. As early as 2011, a US Air Force Predator drone was used in North Dakota to assist in an arrest. In late march New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that the appearance of drones over the city’s skyline is inevitable.