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29 Nov, 2021 14:36

‘Machine gunfire’ turns upscale Chicago neighborhood into ‘war zone’ (VIDEO)

‘Machine gunfire’ turns upscale Chicago neighborhood into ‘war zone’  (VIDEO)

Dramatic video of rapid gunfire on the streets of an upscale Chicago neighborhood has been widely shared on social media. Two men were reportedly left with face and leg injuries following the shooting.

According to the Chicago Police Department, the shooting occurred after midnight on Huron Street in the city’s upscale River North neighborhood. Two unnamed men, aged 25 and 22, were apparently shot inside a car after being approached by two male suspects – at least one of whom fired shots.

A number of videos from the incident and its aftermath quickly made the rounds on Twitter, with commenters noting that it sounded like a “war zone”. One camera angle captured two vehicles speeding past with gunfire ringing out. Not long after the shots, an overturned red car was filmed on the same street with other cars parked on the roadside taking heavy damage.

A local CBS news affiliate reported that debris and more than 30 evidence markers were scattered across the street. The outlet also highlighted footage taken from a nearby building that shows police canvassing nearby streets and alleyways and removing what appeared to be a handgun from the flipped car.

“It sounded like an automatic weapon going off, probably 20 to 30 shots in very quick succession,” Brian Schmitt, a witness, told the CBS outlet, which reported that a bullet had been found lodged in the window-frame of a tavern on the street.

Other video clips posted online show a man, who does not appear to have a firearm, running through the streets as machine gunfire is heard nearby.

The two injured men reportedly drove themselves to a hospital and were described as being in fair condition later on Sunday.

Although the incident took place in plain view of street-level cameras, the suspects are not in custody as yet. Both were described as sporting dreadlocks, with one wearing a blue jacket.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, around 40 people were reportedly shot in the city, leading to three fatalities.