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Maryland man charged with killing pharmacist brother & 2 others for ‘poisoning’ people with Covid-19 vaccine

Maryland man charged with killing pharmacist brother & 2 others for ‘poisoning’ people with Covid-19 vaccine
A Maryland man has been arrested and charged with murdering his pharmacist brother, sister-in-law, and another woman, because he believed the Covid-19 vaccine is “poison.”

Police arrested Jeffrey Allen Burnham, 46, last week in West Virginia after he allegedly went on the run.

Police have indicated that the death of Burnham’s 58-year-old brother, Brian Robinette, could be due to a disagreement over coronavirus vaccines, as the brothers’ mother told police Burnham planned on “confronting” his brother over distributing the vaccines. 

“He wanted to confront Brian with the government poisoning people with COVID vaccines,” she said, according to police reports. “He repeatedly stated ‘Brian knows something!’”

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A tipster told police Burnham had stopped by his home before the killings to ask for gas and reportedly said his brother was “killing people with the Covid shot.”

Robinette was found in his home with serious trauma after police discovered his car empty and abandoned. Police also found his 57-year-old wife, Kelly Sue, who was shot to death in the home. Rebecca Reynolds, an 83-year-old friend of Burnham’s mother, was also found dead the night before. Her car was also stolen. 

Burnham was found on the side of the road in Davis, West Virginia in a stolen vehicle. He was taken into custody without incident, and police officers located a gun inside the vehicle. Before being taken into custody, Burnham had flagged down a Tucker County, West Virginia firefighter and said he had been “forced” to kill three people, according to WBALTV. 

Burnham has been charged with two counts each of second and first-degree murder, as well as weapons charges. Police say he will also be charged with the killing of Reynolds. 

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