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6 Oct, 2021 10:19

Hillary Clinton touts her new book as ‘1st foray into fiction’; critics in the twitterverse say she’s told tall tales before 

Hillary Clinton touts her new book as ‘1st foray into fiction’; critics in the twitterverse say she’s told tall tales before 

Former US Secretary of State Clinton has joined her husband to become a political thriller writer, touting the new work as her “first foray into fiction”. But Twitter suggested she has a previous record of narrative invention.

The book titled ‘State of Terror’ was co-written by Hillary Clinton in tandem with her longtime friend, novelist Louise Penny. It follows the exploits of – who else? – a “novice Secretary of State” serving in an “administration of her rival” and helping it recover from “four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage,” according to the synopsis.

The thriller is set for release next Tuesday, so Clinton suggested that everyone interested in learning how media mogul-turned-top diplomat Ellen Adams dishes it out to terrorists, Russian mobsters, and other enemies of the USA to preorder now. She said her “first foray into fiction” was a “labor of love.”

Some people disagreed that the novel, published by Simon & Schuster, was actually Clinton’s first experience with invented narratives and rushed to offer previous works that they believe to be of the same nature.

The Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross posted an old statement by her 2016 campaign alleging that the Trump Organization was engaged in secret communications with Russia-based Alfa Bank.

The claim has since not only been discredited, but also revealed to be a possible plant by the Democratic candidate. Last month, Special Counsel John Durham indicted lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI about not acting on behalf of his firm’s client – the Clinton campaign – when he was presenting the story to the Bureau.

Also on rt.com Russiagate scandal: Top Democrat lawyer charged for LYING to FBI about Clinton ties to feed them fake Trump-Russia lead

Commenters brought up other episodes of the 2016 presidential battle as examples of ‘fiction’ by Clinton. For instance, her campaign’s backrolling of the so-called Steele dossier – a collection of dubious opposition research into Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia – compiled by the firm Fusion GPS.

Some argued that her entire explanation that she lost to Trump because of Russian interference, ungrateful progressives, pervasive misogyny and any number of other factors that had nothing to do with Clinton’s own actions was in itself a work of fiction.

Even Clinton’s overly optimistic birthday congratulations to “this future president” – herself – got some (dis)honorary mentions.

The public is yet to see if Hillary Clinton’s new book lives up to the high expectations invested into it by the friendly press. The two novels that her husband co-wrote with James Patterson, which delves into the political and personal struggles of a fictitious US president, were moderately successful. But some critics questioned whether they were just a power fantasy for Bill Clinton.

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