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12 Feb, 2020 10:50

Nessie fans, brace yourselves: Huge mysterious ‘skeleton’ on Scottish beach sends online rumor mill into overdrive (PHOTO)

Nessie fans, brace yourselves: Huge mysterious ‘skeleton’ on Scottish beach sends online rumor mill into overdrive (PHOTO)

Loch Ness Monster fans and conspiracy theorists may want to avert their gaze now, as a giant rotten ‘carcass’ has washed ashore on a beach in Aberdeen, Scotland, fuelling widespread rumors of Nessie’s demise.

The mysterious and gigantic remains washed ashore after Storm Ciara lashed Scotland with 90mph winds. A photo of the grisly creature’s remains was uploaded by Fubar News on 9 February, and triggered a slew of conjecture, comedy, and conspiracy theories.

The massive vertebrae and what appear to be two protruding bones pointing upwards at one one end of the creature led many to think of Scotland’s legendary Loch Ness Monster.

“Nessie! Could not adapt to salt water,” wrote Emma-Louise Bolland. 

Some referenced cult classic films like ‘Tremors’ and David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ while others were convinced it was a massive saltwater crocodile or the tentacle of a giant octopus (though their tongue may have been firmly in their cheek with the latter guess). 

Others were content that it was, in fact, the rarely seen “deep sea Haggis,” but the majority settled on the remains belonging to either a whale or large dolphin.

As for the dead Nessie rumors, there is still no proof that the creature existed in the first place, despite the fact that there were 18 official sightings in 2019. 

Last year, scientists in New Zealand suggested the monster could in fact be a large eel.

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