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2 Sep, 2021 22:08

IBT rips into Rose McGowan-Oprah row with headline saying ‘actress’ is MUCH POORER than celebrity host she called ‘fake’

IBT rips into Rose McGowan-Oprah row with headline saying ‘actress’ is MUCH POORER than celebrity host she called ‘fake’

Actress and activist Rose McGowan, who recently went on Twitter to accuse Oprah Winfrey of “supporting a sick power structure,” has been met with some backlash, but one outlet dumbfounded many by contrasting the wealth of the two.

“Rose McGowan vs. Oprah Net Worth: Actress's Fortune Only 0.12% Of Host’s Wealth,” reads the headline of a story by the International Business Times, published on Wednesday. 

McGowan shared the headline on Thursday and accused the publication of attempting to protect Winfrey and negate McGowan’s opinion by placing implied value on the discrepancy in income. 

“According to @IBTimes nothing a non-billionaire says is valid. Lizards support Lizards,” McGowan tweeted. 

McGowan also posted a video to social media addressing the headline. The ‘Scream’ actress blasted the publication as “paid off schills and monsters.”

IBT’s article comparing the net worth of billionaire media mogul Winfrey to actress and author McGowan mostly contains generic information. But many users were quick to point out in McGowan’s defense that the facts presented appear to paint the actress in a comparatively negative light.

After briefly mentioning her work in front of the camera and the praise she has received for her work on behalf of abuse victims, IBT makes sure to mention that McGowan “was reportedly paid $130,000” as a settlement in a case against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison this year and is facing more charges after multiple scathing reports detailed allegations of years of sexual harassment and assault, many of them from actresses, including McGowan.

In IBT’s article, they transition from McGowan’s Weinstein lawsuit to Winfrey by saying, “one the other hand, Winfrey … has built an empire and reportedly earns about $300 million a year.” 

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McGowan said in her video response that the settlement was a way to avoid signing a nondisclosure agreement with the former producer. This, she added, led to Weinstein “terrorizing” her for years.

“Thanks for adding to it,” she said to IBT. 

McGowan has been gaining attention this week for her repeated criticisms of Winfrey, an outspoken liberal and supposed #MeToo supporter who has had controversial relationships to not only Weinstein, but also music producer Russell Simmons, who has also faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct.

Many social media users were equally taken aback by the focus on wealth as a way to cover McGowan’s criticisms of Winfrey, as well as the depiction of McGowan.

“I’m not really an ‘eat the rich’ kind of person but this makes an excellent case for the practice,” one Twitter user commented

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