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16 Aug, 2021 13:13

‘Hiring for spin doctors in Afghanistan!’: Rose McGowan tears into US embassy’s untimely PR job vacancy, posted amid evacuation

‘Hiring for spin doctors in Afghanistan!’: Rose McGowan tears into US embassy’s untimely PR job vacancy, posted amid evacuation

The attempt by the US embassy in Kabul to hire a PR specialist was brushed aside as a laughable gaffe by many, but actress-turned-activist Rose McGowan took it as a reminder to be angry about American imperialism.

Shortly before Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban last week, the US embassy in the Afghan capital posted an opening for a Public Engagement Assistant. The fulltime job vacancy was notably announced on August 7, the same day that all American citizens were advised to leave Afghanistan immediately due to the advance of the Islamist forces.

As of August 13, the unappealing job opportunity was being promoted by headhunting website daybook.com on its Twitter account. Two days later, the Taliban captured Kabul uncontested, with only the city’s international airport remaining under control of the American troops.

The listing, which noted that the new hire would work in an “extremely sensitive political environment,” was met with understandable sarcasm online. One response joked that the duties of the position must include shredding of documents and helping others escape via a helicopter.

Another one said it looked like a promising premise for a black comedy rather than a serious proposition. The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson gave a nod to the offer, remarking that it appeared to be a “short-term posting.”

Some people, however, didn’t find it a laughing matter at all. Firebrand activist Rose McGowan said the “US war monsters” were looking for people to “spin their destruction of a sovereign nation.”

“Soldiers died for the lie of Democracy, their blood for the illusion. Afghanis slaughtered, terrorized, traumatized and hopeless. Mission Accomplished!” she angrily said.

It appears that the evacuation of the embassy in Kabul has not affected its staffing needs, however, as the posting is still active. A candidate for the open position needs to have at least three years of experience in the media or public relations and an “in-depth knowledge of Afghan media organizations and civil society,” the description reads.

Though, under the current circumstances, that knowledge may become obsolete rather soon.

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