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Ann Coulter SHOCKS critics by praising Biden’s ‘balls’ on Afghanistan withdrawal compared to ‘wuss’ Trump

Ann Coulter SHOCKS critics by praising Biden’s ‘balls’ on Afghanistan withdrawal compared to ‘wuss’ Trump
Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter left many critics surprised and confused with tweets praising Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, despite the president facing criticism for the haphazard operation from left and right.

Coulter marked the last day of the US’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan this week by doing something she rarely does: praising a Democrat. 

The Fox News regular thanked Biden for fulfilling Trump’s long-held promise to end the military conflicts in the Middle East. Before stepping down from his position, Trump had helped construct a deal with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan by May of this year. Biden’s plan extended evacuation efforts to the end of August, and the administration has received heavy pushback from both Republicans and Democrats amid a disorganized exit that left allies behind. Dozens of civilians were also hurt or killed by a suicide bomb attack by ISIS-K at the airport, as well as 13 US service members. 

Coulter went on to refer to Trump as a “wuss” for failing to fulfill his promise of a full Afghanistan pullout, saying Biden “had the balls” to pull off the feat. 

“Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but only President Biden had the balls to do it,” she tweeted, adding examples of Trump calling for an end to the military conflict. 

While Coulter has become more critical of Trump in recent years, she has still remained an outspoken firebrand conservative, rarely heaping on other Democrats the sort of praise she offered Biden, which led some jaws to drop on social media.

“Hell: you are cleared to freeze over now. I completely agree with Ann Coulter,” MSNBC host and Biden supporter Joe-Ann Reid tweeted in response to Coulter. 

“‘I agree with Ann Coulter’ has for more than a decade been my designated signal that I am being held at gunpoint and to immediately alert law enforcement,” ‘The Wire’ creator and outspoken liberal David Simon added

The US’ evacuation operation ended on Monday night, minutes before an August 31 deadline, with more than 120,000 American civilians and Afghan allies being evacuated from the country. Trump has criticized Biden for his handling of the operation, originally having called for the president to stick to the original timeline and later claiming the mission would have run smoother and without as much incident had he still been president. 

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