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21 Aug, 2021 05:14

‘Dereliction of duty’ in Afghanistan: Marjorie Taylor Greene attempts to impeach Biden for SECOND time

‘Dereliction of duty’ in Afghanistan: Marjorie Taylor Greene attempts to impeach Biden for SECOND time

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken a second crack at impeaching President Joe Biden, accusing him of botching the exit from Afghanistan and allowing a “crisis” to percolate at the southern border, among other things.

The Georgia congresswoman introduced three separate impeachment resolutions against the president on Friday, claiming that in just “seven short months” since taking power, Biden had “caused America to lose the respect of the entire world,” while deeming his actions “so egregious that he must be impeached.”

“In Afghanistan, Biden’s woke generals tucked their tail and ran,” she said in a lengthy statement announcing the move, adding that he “left behind over 10,000 American citizens to face the terrifying rule of the Taliban.”

On our Southern border, Joe Biden has allied hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens into our country… [and] created a national security crisis.

The renewed impeachment bid is a longshot, with Taylor Greene having made a prior attempt less than 24 hours after Biden took office in January. Her previous resolution was referred to a Congressional committee in March, but was effectively killed in its tracks as fellow reps refused to take it up for debate.

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House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has criticized the first-term congresswoman for her initial impeachment effort, saying it was “exactly what the Democrats did with President [Donald] Trump,” who was impeached twice but never convicted by a then-GOP controlled Senate. Given the opposition from Republican leadership, Taylor Greene’s latest effort does not appear to stand a better chance. 

Nonetheless, in addition to alleged “dereliction of duty” in Afghanistan and failing to act on the “border crisis,” Taylor Greene also argued that Biden acted as a “pseudo-dictator” by “[ignoring] the Supreme Court” and issuing “his own eviction moratorium.”

“He is shredding the Constitution and usurping the balance of power by issuing an edict the Supreme Court declared was a power of Congress,” she continued, referring to a federal eviction ban recently overruled by the nation’s highest court.

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