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19 Aug, 2021 19:05

DC bomb threat suspect arrested after evacuation and police standoff (VIDEOS)

DC bomb threat suspect arrested after evacuation and police standoff (VIDEOS)

A man outside Capitol Hill claiming to have enough explosives to wipe out multiple city blocks has surrendered to police following a tense standoff where the suspect demanded to speak to President Joe Biden.

The man, identified as 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry from Grover, North Carolina, surrendered to police on Thursday afternoon after a phone was delivered to his truck via robot for negotiations. 

Roseberry had earlier told Capitol Police he had various explosive materials inside his truck, and the area was evacuated. In a livestream to Facebook – which was subsequently taken down, along with his page – he said if he was shot, the sound would trigger the explosives inside his vehicle and more than two blocks would be destroyed. Roseberry also demanded to talk to Biden multiple times. 

Speaking to reporters after he was taken into custody, Capitol Police said “he gave up and did not resist” and was arrested “without incident.” Police Chief Thomas Manger said there was also no indication Roseberry was working with anyone else. 

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Police are working to search and clear the area, which will likely take hours, Manger added.

Homeland Security and the FBI have reportedly located Roseberry’s wife and have been interviewing her. Roseberry referenced wanting to see his wife again during his livestream. 

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