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25 Jun, 2021 12:04

‘Who are you,’ conservatives ask, after former Trump admin staffer threatens to run against ex-pres in 2024 to ‘split vote’

‘Who are you,’ conservatives ask, after former Trump admin staffer threatens to run against ex-pres in 2024 to ‘split vote’

Ex-Trump administration official Miles Taylor vowed this week to run against a potential candidacy from former President Donald Trump in 2024 to “split the vote.” Many conservatives, however, were left wondering who Taylor is.

“If Trump somehow wins the GOP nomination in 2024, I will run against him as an independent. And recruit more conservatives to do the same,” Taylor announced on Thursday evening, adding that his independent candidacy would “split the vote and sink” Trump.

Though Taylor received just over 11,000 likes, many American conservatives were left wondering just who Taylor was.

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“Who are you?” asked conservative commentator Jon Miller, while another social media user joked, “You have a better chance of splitting an atom than the vote.”

Journalist Ryan Matsumoto pointed out that “an anti-Trump conservative candidate would likely take way more votes away from the Democratic candidate,” while California Republican congressional candidate Buzz Patterson commented simply, “You’re not splitting anything, bro.”

Taylor – a George W. Bush alumnus who worked in the Department of Homeland Security under Trump between 2017 and 2019 – secretly wrote an anonymous article and book attacking the Trump administration while he worked for the department, and ‘Anonymous’ soon became a hero of the liberal, anti-Trump ‘resistance’ movement.

In October 2020, just over a year after he left the administration, Taylor revealed himself to be the ‘Anonymous’ author – an announcement which disappointed many, since the figure had previously been described as a “senior Trump administration official,” prompting most people to assume it was someone close to the president and not an unrecognizable Homeland Security staffer.

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