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28 May, 2021 01:43

Caitlyn Jenner vows to ‘CANCEL cancel culture & WAKE UP the woke’ if elected California governor, gets ratioed by Twitter mob

Caitlyn Jenner vows to ‘CANCEL cancel culture & WAKE UP the woke’ if elected California governor, gets ratioed by Twitter mob

California gubernatorial hopeful Caitlyn Jenner may have picked the wrong state in which to campaign on anti-political correctness, getting shouted down on Twitter after vowing to fight cancel culture and wokeness.

“When elected governor of California, I will cancel cancel culture and wake up the woke,” Jenner tweeted on Thursday.

Jenner, a transgender activist and former Olympic decathlon champion, announced plans in April to challenge Governor Gavin Newsom in California's upcoming recall election. When talk show host Joy Behar apologized last month for repeatedly misgendering Jenner on The View, the fledgling politician accepted, saying, “Don't sweat it. I'm not about cancel culture. I know where your heart is. California has bigger issues than pronouns.”

But Jenner's latest stab at rebuking cancel culture went over like a lead balloon on Twitter. Many commenters used the occasion to remind the former reality television star of a 2015 car crash that left a woman dead. Jenner, then known as Bruce, wasn't charged with a crime but later agreed to pay a $800,000 legal settlement to the deceased motorist's family.

“Remember when you canceled a woman's life when you killed her with your car?” asked Parker Molloy, an editor with activist group Media Matters. Writer Karen Geier added, “Don't worry, though, she can't be woke anymore.”

The apparent social media backfire came three weeks after Jenner was slammed as “out of touch” for saying in a Fox News interview that her friends were leaving California because they didn't want to look at homeless people on the streets.

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“You either need to hire a social media manager or fire the one you have,” pediatrician Daniel Summers said.

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