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20 May, 2021 17:34

‘Stop attacking me, punk!’ Fox’s Geraldo explodes on-air over ‘Israel’s crimes,’ gets accused of spreading ‘Hamas propaganda’

‘Stop attacking me, punk!’ Fox’s Geraldo explodes on-air over ‘Israel’s crimes,’ gets accused of spreading ‘Hamas propaganda’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera shocked even colleagues at his own network for blasting the US as “complicit” in Israel’s “crimes against humanity” in Gaza – and got promptly accused of siding with the Hamas militants.

In one Wednesday Fox interview, Rivera was accused of promoting “Hamas propaganda” after he stated the US was “providing Israel many of the weapons” they are then using to “kill Palestinian civilians.”

The US, the Fox contributor claimed, is “complicit” in an “ongoing crime against humanity” thanks to its support of Israel in its ongoing conflict with Palestine. 

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Fox host Katie Pavlich pushed back at Rivera in one of multiple confrontations with the latter on the subject and said groups like Hamas use civilians as human shields, leading to civilian casualties, and blasted Rivera for making a “dishonest argument.”

“They have no place to run. Where are they going to go?!” Rivera fired back. “I am saying... an Israeli F-16 going 500 miles an hour is going to kill civilians.”

“You are repeating Hamas propaganda,” she said. 

It was not Rivera’s only confrontation on the subject against Fox colleagues. He and author Dan Bongino got into a heated verbal exchange during a shared appearance on ‘Hannity.’

Discussing the ongoing conflict, Rivera called for a ceasefire and said it was “abhorrent” that Palestinians are dying at a higher rate than Israelis.

Bongino, who has gotten into verbal battles with Rivera in the past, attacked Rivera as playing an “emotional game” with the audience to “spread misinformation.”

“This is not about me,” Geraldo said. “You didn’t come here to attack me. I’m sick of you, Bongino. You’re a punk.”

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The argument between the two then turned into yelling over one another, trading insults, with Rivera even at one point crumpling up a piece of paper and turning his back on the camera. 

Bongino called him an “out-of-control lunatic,” to which Rivera replied, “I’m an out-of-control lunatic? I’m a ten-time Emmy winner!”

Many have taken to social media to express shock at a Fox News regular being such a harsh critic of Israel and the US. 

Plenty of conservatives, meanwhile, have blasted Rivera over his heated confrontations on Fox. 

Rivera has stuck by his stance and continued demanding a ceasefire and highlighting the death of Palestinians.

“Pressure mounting on #Israel to institute #Ceasefire. American bombs should not be used to kill defenseless civilians in #Gaza. @JoeBiden must stop ignoring carnage & injustice. A dead Palestinian child is as much a crime against humanity as a dead Israeli child. #NotWithOurBombs,” he tweeted on Thursday.

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