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13 Apr, 2021 22:15

Washington, DC worst place in the US, say Americans - poll

Washington, DC worst place in the US, say Americans - poll

In a new poll, Americans were asked to rate states on their “win percentages” in head-to-head matchups, and Washington, DC came in last.

The YouGov poll ranked states in matchups, but included Washington, DC, which many advocates have been pushing for statehood. 

The two states to rank bottom were Alabama and Mississippi, with each winning 38% of their matchups, respectfully. DC, however, ranked worst of all, only coming ahead 35% of the time, something pollsters markup to the heated political climate of the city.

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“Americans might be rejecting the political divisiveness it stands for – or could be protesting that it is, in fairness, not a state,” the report states. 

Voters appear to be fairly split on the issue of DC statehood with a poll from The Hill and HarrisX this month finding 36% in favor of it, 32% against, and another 32% without an opinion on the matter.

Another state to rank low in YouGov’s poll was New Jersey, which was third from the bottom at 39%. 

“New Jersey is often the butt of jokes, including for its occasional odor or for being the birthplace of The Jersey Shore franchise,” the report reads. 

The states most admired by Americans came down to Colorado and Hawaii (69% and 65%), though most Americans tend to pick the state they are from or reside in when choosing a favorite. 

YouGov’s poll was conducted among 1,211 adults from March 12 through March 15. 

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