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12 Feb, 2021 08:06

Will Twitter ban CNN? O’Keefe rips Twitter hypocrisy after Project Veritas ‘doxxing’ suspension

Will Twitter ban CNN? O’Keefe rips Twitter hypocrisy after Project Veritas ‘doxxing’ suspension

The founder of Project Veritas has fired shots at Twitter for letting CNN get away with a 2018 ambushing of a Trump supporter in her home, but taking down the watchdog’s account for allegedly violating its ‘anti-doxxing’ policy.

The conservative watchdog group’s account was permanently suspended on Thursday over “repeated violations of the companies [sic] anti-doxxing policies,” founder James O’Keefe said, while he himself was also temporarily locked out of his account. All that after posting a video of a Facebook official being confronted on the platform's alleged hate speech policies, apparently outside their home.

Announcing his return to Twitter, O’Keefe said that he had to remove the post that landed him in trouble with the tech giant, but did so “against his conscience” so he could “utilize” his personal Twitter handle “moving forward,” now that Project Veritas account is permanently suspended.

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The video in question, which has since been scrapped from YouTube, showed Project Veritas  journalist Christian Hartsock attempting to grill Facebook’s vice president of integrity, Guy Rosen, on his “freezing comments” statement. 

The statement came from a leaked video from a conference where Rosen appears to say that Facebook “freezes” comments in places where “there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence.”

The Facebook exec’s house number, though not his full address, could have been discerned from the clip. 

O’Keefe argued that Hartsock’s conduct was part of what is “also known in investigative reporting as the routine practice of a TV news doorstop.” 

“A staple of journalism. ALL networks do it!” he went on, accompanying his broadside with a retweet of a CNN clip from 2018, in which the channel’s journalist showed up at a Florida woman’s doorstep to confront her about “unwittingly” being a part of an alleged pro-Trump Russian conspirancy because she promoted a political event. 

CNN released the woman’s name in the public domain and her house number does not appear to be blurred from the video.

Making a case that Project Veritas was booted off Twitter under a contrived pretext, O’Keefe implored the tech giant to yank CNN as well.

“WILL TWITTER BAN @CNN FOR THIS?” he tweeted, pointing out that the home address sign was visible in the CNN video.

While O’Keefe argued that Project Veritas, which specializes in hidden-camera footage and leaked videos to expose what it sees as liberal bias in various organizations, was banished for doing journalism, liberal commentators rejoiced at the project’s expulsion from Twitter.

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