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5 Feb, 2021 19:35

OAN runs giant DISCLAIMER warning before airing MyPillow guy’s documentary claiming to present ‘100% proof’ of election fraud

OAN runs giant DISCLAIMER warning before airing MyPillow guy’s documentary claiming to present ‘100% proof’ of election fraud

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell aired his promised documentary alleging voter fraud against Donald Trump on Friday to a wave of mockery, with even One America News Network airing a telling major disclaimer before the show.

Many have publicly or privately backed off claims of voter fraud in the wake of the US Capitol riot on January 6, and voting machine manufacturer Dominion has threatened legal action against those tying them to unproven claims of rigging votes in Joe Biden’s favor. But Lindell has remained a Trump loyalist and one of the loudest voices on the right when it comes to the November presidential election.

After inviting a lawsuit from Dominion multiple times in interviews, and getting both his and his company’s Twitter accounts suspended, Lindell aired a promised documentary on OAN called ‘Absolute Proof,’ which he said provides “100 percent proof” that the election was rigged by foreign countries and “domestic terrorists” against Trump.

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While OAN aired a marathon of the film on Friday, they also distanced themselves from the work, posting a long disclaimer which many critics saw as discrediting Lindell.

“Mr. Lindell is the sole author and executive producer of this program and is solely and exclusively responsible for its content,” the network stated. “The topic of this broadcast is the 2020 election. OAN has undertaken its own reporting on this topic. This program is not the product of OAN’s reporting.”

Nothing Lindell says is to be taken as “established fact,” according to the statement, which appears to refer to the content as essentially an advertisement, saying Lindell had “purchased” the airtime.

Lindell said in an interview with The Revival Network this week that he put his film together over the course of the last two weeks and wants it to be shared by any network willing to air it. Though he promised a three-hour movie, a version available online is just under two hours. 

“Everyone needs to share it with everyone you know, because anyone that sees this, even if it’s nine Supreme Court justices, every one of them would say, ‘Wow, this is an attack on our country,’” he said. 

The video has been answered with aggressive mockery on social media.

In ‘Absolute Proof,’ Lindell presents a number of documents alleging that thousands of dead people and illegal immigrants voted in states like Michigan and Arizona, though he never says where any of these documents or information have come from. 

He also alleges Dominion machines were hacked in Biden’s favor, though this is a claim Dominion has called defamatory and baseless. Lindell provides tangible proof of a hack, but rather points to an early Trump lead in the election, with many later mail-in ballots tipping the scales in Biden’s favor.

“The biggest thing against humanity and our country is this attack through these machines,” Lindell says in the film. The pillow peddler claims that all voting machines used to count election votes were manipulated – not just Dominion’s. He alleges this mostly through interviews with various ‘experts,’ such as engineer and former Massachusetts Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, who claimed he lost his bid for the Republican nomination in 2020 in his state due to voting machines being manipulated, citing one county that hand-counted votes in which he won.

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Lindell also interviewed Mellissa Carone, who made headlines in December for testimony she gave claiming thousands of fraudulent votes were cast in Biden’s favor. Carone was working for Dominion during the election in Detroit. She is one of numerous individuals Dominion has threatened with legal action if they keep alleging unproven voter fraud.

“Pretty soon, everyone’s going to see this, including nine Supreme Court Justices,” Lindell says at the end of his film. “You’re all there watching, all nine of you … I don’t know what you can do, but I know you’re there to protect our country.”

Lindell has said his film could set off the “biggest revival in history,” but if it fails, “it’s the end of time.”

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