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20 Jan, 2021 20:32

‘Get rid of that bull***t!’ Annoyed to see Trump legacy persist, liberals freak out at SPACE FORCE FLAG at Biden inauguration

‘Get rid of that bull***t!’ Annoyed to see Trump legacy persist, liberals freak out at SPACE FORCE FLAG at Biden inauguration

The sight of a US Space Force flag at Joe Biden’s inauguration irked Trump critics, with some of them calling for the military branch created by the former president to be thrown in the dustbin along with the rest of his legacy.

“I’m still shaking my head at the Space Force logo,” ‘Star Trek’ actor and liberal activist George Takei tweeted during the inauguration, an event he otherwise celebrated. 

Takei was one of numerous vocal Trump critics to get the new military branch trending, outraged at the very sight of the flag next to other branches of the military.

“Get rid of that bulls**t now!” Project Lincoln’s Fred Wellman tweeted

In his final speech as president, Space Force was one of many accomplishments Trump pointed to in touting the success of his administration, calling it “a major achievement for a regular administration,” but noting his was not treated as a regular administration.

It remains to be seen how Space Force, a branch of the military focusing on space, will fare under Biden’s administration, but his pick for defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, told lawmakers this week that, if confirmed, he will “ensure the space domain is carefully considered across the range of upcoming strategic reviews.”

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The fresh military branch, however, has remained a point of mockery for Trump critics. A television series, aptly titled ‘Space Force,’ even debuted on Netflix last year and was a satirical look at the formation of the organization. Despite Trump losing reelection, it has been renewed for a second season.

Trump listing the branch as one of his successes in his four years in the White House was lambasted by Biden supporters almost as much as the presence of the flag at the inauguration did.

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