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20 Jan, 2021 20:09

‘Next superspreader event?’ Americans fret over slipping masks & lack of social distancing at Biden inauguration

‘Next superspreader event?’ Americans fret over slipping masks & lack of social distancing at Biden inauguration

Liberals spent last year bashing Donald Trump’s rallies as “superspreader” events, and potential coronavirus catastrophes. But some commenters spotted danger at Joe Biden’s muted inauguration ceremony.

Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday was a low-key affair. With the National Mall closed to crowds, ostensibly given the threat of Covid-19, and the Capitol sealed off from the public behind 25,000 troops and a security fence, only a select few officials, dignitaries, press and guests were present to see Biden take the oath of office.

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Masks were worn by all, but some keen-eyed observers soon spotted noses poking out, and guests mingling in close proximity to each other.

Former President Bill Clinton was among the more prominent nose-exposers. Famed for exposing more than his nose, commenters joked that they weren’t surprised old Bill would let it “hang out a little.” 

However, some die-hard Biden supporters, seemingly watching a different event, praised the non-existent social distancing on show.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have consistently advised Americans to avoid crowds and stay six feet from one another since the pandemic broke out, the media and politicians have been more discriminatory in the gatherings they’ve labeled “super spreader” events.

President Trump’s rallies were an obvious culprit, as were gatherings of his supporters – like the Sturgis motorcycle rally in September. Yet ‘Black Lives Matter’ marches and riots, which spread across the entire country after the death of George Floyd in May, were given a pass. Some even claimed that the protests helped slow the spread of Covid-19.

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