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7 Jan, 2021 15:05

From inside: Out-of-control pro-Trump mob ransacks Capitol Hill as Joe Biden declared president-elect (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

From inside: Out-of-control pro-Trump mob ransacks Capitol Hill as Joe Biden declared president-elect (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The US Capitol building turned into a warzone as supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump disrupted the certification process for Biden’s election win, looting lawmakers’ offices and clashing with police.

January 6 will go down in US history as the day when the unthinkable happened – an angry mob forced its way into the home of the US Congress and went berserk inside, breaking into the Senate Chamber, raiding lawmakers’ offices, and causing bizarre and appalling scenes to unfold.


The office of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, was broken into – and one man made himself at home by putting his feet up on the table.

A CNN journalist shared film of the aftermath of one break-in into an office of a congressperson, where it looked like every single drawer had been emptied of its contents with heaps of papers strewn across the floor, and lampshades and windows broken.

Congresswoman Grace Meng had to barricade herself in a room for five hours to hide from the raging mob. She posted the pictures of her hiding place on Twitter, describing her ordeal as “scary.”

One man was seen carrying an item of furniture that looked like a podium, in an act that could constitute looting. Chinese Twitter users were quick to jump on this one.

The unprecedented events inspired art as well – Birmingham artist Cold War Steve, aka Christopher Spencer, created this collage, painting a not-very-flattering-picture of Donald Trump “presiding” over the crowd.

The unrest left four people dead, as one woman was fatally shot by police and three others died of “medical emergencies,” according to police. More than 50 people were arrested.

Congress reconvened after the unrest subsided and went on to certify Joe Biden’s election win. Trump promised“an orderly transition on January 20th,” despite the fact that he “totally” disagrees with the outcome of the election.

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