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‘You're only warned once’: Ron Paul gets YouTube caution as an episode of his show censored for ‘misinformation’

‘You're only warned once’: Ron Paul gets YouTube caution as an episode of his show censored for ‘misinformation’
Former US presidential candidate and libertarian icon Ron Paul was censored by YouTube on Tuesday and threatened with even more sanctions on his account in the case of further violations.

Paul announced on Twitter that the Big Tech company had “pulled an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and issued a ‘warning’ that any more violations will result in a temporary ban to put up more programs.”

“The episode was a news report on a Trump rally,” Paul explained, calling the move “very disturbing” and “blatant censorship.”

The removed episode, which was published in November, was titled, ‘Fire Fauci! – Trump Rally Explodes Over Coronavirus Doom and Gloomer’, a reference to White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, and was accused by YouTube of spreading “medical misinformation.”

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“Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines,” YouTube declared, before informing Paul, “You're only warned once and this warning will remain on your channel.” The platform added that further sanctions against Paul could include a ban on him being able to upload new videos.

Though the full episode is now removed from YouTube, a teaser remains on Twitter.

YouTube – which is owned by Google parent company Alphabet Inc. – revealed earlier that it was banning videos which contain “misinformation” about Covid-19 spread, treatment and vaccines, as well as content that disputes health authorities' guidance on self-isolation or social distancing.

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