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25 Nov, 2020 17:52

Rollo Tomassi, Godfather of the Manosphere, warns Kamala Harris is leading a soft coup & worries Prince Harry may take own life

Rollo Tomassi, Godfather of the Manosphere, warns Kamala Harris is leading a soft coup & worries Prince Harry may take own life

‘Godfather of the Manosphere’ Rollo Tomassi is a polarising figure, iconic to many men who treat his proclamations with reverence. To his detractors, he is a misogynist pedalling conspiracy theories and undermining female rights.

Unknown to many, the Manosphere, a volatile digital world where male issues are debated with passion, is thriving. It even has its own lingo, with phrases such as MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way), a group who believe feminism is destroying society, and ‘Blue Pill Betas’, the non-assertive men going along with this.

Its biggest voice is the so-called Godfather, Rollo Tomassi. He joined the scene 19 years ago on the SoSuave forum, then began a popular blog The Rational Male, and has since become an author and operates a successful YouTube channel too. To understand him, you have to grasp the ‘red pill’, an analogy from the film ‘The Matrix’, referring to a capsule that allows you to see the world how it truly is.

Speaking to RT exclusively from his home in Reno, Nevada, he said: “Simply, I connect dots that people don’t like to have connected. A lot of guys take the red pill and use it as their own personal brand; back in 2016 when people were worried about the alt-right, they tied that to the red pill. Even Candace Owens used to go by ‘Red Pill Black’ on Twitter, and then suddenly she’s on Fox News – she abandoned the red pill. It’s been bastardised and become a metaphor for truth and whatever their ideology is.”

“When I say ‘the red pill’, I’m not talking about politics, religion or race – it's a loose science about inter-sexual dynamics."

In sexual dynamics terms, the red pill comes from the title of a 2016 documentary about the men’s rights movement as investigated by journalist Cassie Jaye. Jaye initially believed the movement was a hateful one, but over the course of the movie she became sympathetic to their cause. The film has since become something of an online cult classic.

It is on this topic that Rollo strays into controversial waters. He attracts scorn and anger, highlighting cancel culture as a consequence of that.

Rollo said: “To be a guy is sacrificial; you’re not allowed to complain, you’re not supposed to say it’s tough being a guy. Women will always be victims, as they are the vulnerable sex. The gender dynamic from 1970 has seen a big change, but if I say that, I sound like I am a patriarch. We live in a gynocentric social order, which means there is female primacy. Our opinions have to be correct from a female perspective. If they are not, you run the risk of being cancelled. It used to be a very big concern for me, so I didn’t show my face until 2017, I tried to be semi-anonymous.”

One view that has provoked fury is Rollo’s opinion of the Biden administration. He believes it is a hangover from Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 attempt to become president.

Rollo explained: “Everyone thought it was her turn, there was all this feminist propaganda. Back then, she was the only one if you were of a liberal leaning and feminist mindset. The one individual who was the antithesis of that was Donald Trump. It was the gestalt feminine against the gestalt masculine – and he took it away from her.”

Rollo believes that Biden is essentially a Trojan horse designed to get Kamala Harris into the White House by the back door.

Like many conservative commentators, Rollo believes Joe Biden’s faculties are deteriorating. “Joe Biden has dementia,” he says. “The reason I know is because my father died from it in 2010, so I know what it looks like. This guy isn’t going to serve out his term, and Kamala Harris will be the president. She will get there by default, but that is how obsessively dedicated that side of the political spectrum is to getting a human being with a vagina into the White House.

“I think on some level of consciousness, people realise they are not voting for Biden, they are voting for Kamala Harris. If you are going to do a soft coup, this would be how you do it. You don’t do it through military power in the United States, as we all have guns.”

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One incident Rollo highlights as an indication his theory is correct occurred back in October, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held a press conference about the 25th Amendment. “It says they can hold a vote of non-confidence if the president can’t serve and the vice-president takes over,” Rollo explained. “That was tilling the field for what is going to happen; despite what the media said it wasn’t directed at Trump, it was directed at Biden.”

That is a view he shares with Donald Trump.

He added: “I don’t think Kamala knows. Maybe she doesn’t care, but the Democrats want a feather in their cap to have a female president; it just happens to be her.”

Part of Rollo’s theory is that we are now in the Age of the New Enlightenment, where the internet has revolutionised how we access information. He likens the web to the Gutenberg press, saying: “The first thing they did was print the bible (in languages other than Latin) and it essentially changed the world, as it made information widely available that wasn’t before. We are in an unprecedented time, but most people don’t realise. At no other time in human history have we had the access to the information we have, and at no other time have we been so unprepared for it; we can’t filter it but have Google and Facebook filtering it for us – and people are waking up to that.”

One person that Rollo does hope to ‘red pill’ is Prince Harry, believing his marriage to Meghan Markle may end in tragedy.

“When I said he was a blue pill beta, so many people told me he flew helicopters and was a man’s man. I am worried he might commit suicide, and I made the prediction that he will kill himself if he remains in that relationship.

“He is trapped, he has voluntarily isolated himself and resigned from the royal family. Their videos look like hostage videos; she stays with him as he was the prince, but when people forget about him, she’s going to leave.

“Hopefully his brother or someone catches him when he falls. I don’t hope he kills himself, and I am very worried – he has been zeroed out to the point he doesn’t realise it.”

Male suicide is the reason that Rollo began to offer his opinions online – and it’s a cause that drives him on. His books and podcasts are designed to help men get answers.

He said: “My brother-in-law committed suicide as result of being taken to divorce court when my wife’s sister wanted to bail out of their marriage, as she was getting into it with a guy who was a multi-millionaire. I saw that, and it sucked that he hung himself, but what threw me was how people reacted. 

“If I have a point it’s to keep the noose off guys' necks and keep the gun out of their mouths, which is also something I’ve experienced, as a friend of mine ended it all by eating a bullet after his soulmate left him.”

Rollo is 52 and has been married to his wife since 1996. They have a 22-year-old daughter but, ironically, he doesn’t advise other men to tie the knot. He explains the discrepancy by dividing the world into New Order and Old Order, drawing the dividing line at the sexual revolution.

Rollo said: “We have two generations of young men who, lifewise, are rudderless. They are not going to college or learning trades; they are at home watching porn and ordering Uber Eats. They are the products of the prior two generations. The sexual revolution has allowed the things we now take for granted, like women in the workplace, divorce, abortion, which all happened around the mid-60s.

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“Men and women are better together; that’s how we’ve been the apex species on Planet Earth, we have an interdependence. But it’s only been since the sexual revolution that we’ve said ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’ – so marriage became a grift, a commercial enterprise.”

The rate of marriage in America has fallen to its lowest ever rate, of 6.5 per 1,000; it was more than double that following World War II. Another thing that has changed is the status of single mothers; Rollo explained: “That's gone from being a stigma to being a superhero, like ‘you go, girl’ – and you can even elect to do it by going to a sperm bank. Marriage used to be a great institution, the bedrock of society. I’m not against marriage and I’m in love with my wife. But according to the data and the conditions we live under right now, marriage for a man is an unconscionable contract. That’s the legal definition of a contract that no human being would enter into unless they were under duress or didn’t have all the facts. I want guys to have intimacy, love, and a good family, but I can’t endorse marriage, as the Old Order way of thinking is what people still cling to."

Two pivotal points, in Rollo’s thinking, were hormonal contraception for women and the right to legal, elective abortions following the landmark Roe v. Wade case in America.

He said: “When I say abortion is the ultimate expression of hypergamy, people lose their minds as suddenly I’m pro-life. I didn't say I’m pro-life or pro-abortion, I’m just explaining the nuts and bolts. I think asking why it’s important for women to have the right to a safe and legal abortion is a valid question, but you can’t ask that without people saying ‘you don’t have a uterus so you have no say.’ 

“The only reason for abortion is as a failsafe for bad reproductive choices. They say, ‘what about rape,’ but if you look up the stats that’s only one percent of cases. Women will cancel you for saying that the vast majority of abortions are elective; they don’t want to have that conversation, as they don’t like where it goes.”

Another conversation that sparks a backlash is Rollo’s take on homosexuality, which chimes with a study released last year that no single ‘gay gene’ exists.

He said: “Some say it's dangerous to encourage kids they are homosexual in their mid-teens.

I say, if you can’t legally give sexual consent, then how do you know you’re homosexual?

"I personally believe homosexuality is a behavioural thing. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m saying it doesn’t have a genetic root. I don’t believe it’s innate until someone shows me the gay gene and shows me how we are biologically gay. For me, it’s reinforced. I don’t think it’s a choice necessarily, but you weren’t born that way, you were conditioned by what is reinforced.”

This is a phenomenon he relates to the recent high-profile controversy when pop star Harry Styles wore a dress on the cover of Vogue. He was subsequently attacked by Candace Owens, which made headlines across the globe.

Rollo added: “I think the reason he does what he does is because he gets a rise out of it and gets a reward. He was on the cover of Vogue and had all this attention, and when this conservative woman gave him shit, everyone else piled in to tell him he’s the greatest and give him that reward of positivity.”

Rollo offered an explanation for why social media and the reverberation effect occurs – but it’s also something that could be levelled at him.

He said: “We’re living in an age of ego."

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