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14 Oct, 2020 13:43

‘Absolutely nauseating’: Telegraph tarred & feathered online for claiming Meghan Markle’s outfit was ‘secret feminist message’

‘Absolutely nauseating’: Telegraph tarred & feathered online for claiming Meghan Markle’s outfit was ‘secret feminist message’

The Telegraph is being pilloried over a ragebait article which claims that the outfit Meghan Markle wore in an interview was really a “secret feminist message.”

On Sunday night, Markle and her husband Prince Harry spoke with Pakistani Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai about the impact coronavirus was having on young women. 

Rather than discuss the content of the discussion, however, this particular Telegraph article, and promotional thread of tweets, instead opted to cover Markle’s “clearly carefully chosen” bodysuit from the Tuxe brand.

The paper posted a poll asking whether the brand “helps minimise the gender pay gap and helps women shatter the glass ceiling” or not, while fawning over the Duchess of Sussex. 

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A subsequent tweet made sure readers were aware that Tuxe customers get 10 pre-recorded sessions with Ianna Raim (who?) about “setting professional goals and turning setbacks into Ws,” before signing off the social media post with some pandering: “Because... world domination.”

Needless to say, Twitter was not kind to the paper’s failedattempt at passing an apparent advertorial off as some kind of feminist activism, describing it as “really gross.”

“These bullshit articles are meant to bring out the Meghan Markle haters and good job Telegraph, it’s working,” wrote one user, while another blasted the piece as “absolutely nauseating”.

Others were more concerned with Prince Harry’s haggard appearance in the interview, with some making less-than-favourable comparisons.

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