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14 Nov, 2020 14:03

No irregularities? Tennessee voter says SIGNATURE-VERIFIED ballot was cast in Maricopa County, Arizona using his name

No irregularities? Tennessee voter says SIGNATURE-VERIFIED ballot was cast in Maricopa County, Arizona using his name

A Tennessee resident has gone public after discovering that someone used his name to cast a mail-in ballot in Maricopa County, Arizona. The county claims that an audit of votes found no irregularities.

Nahshon Garrett told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that he had received a call from a voter integrity group telling him a ballot using his name had been cast in Arizona, and that he should contact the organization if he did not vote in the state. As it turns out, Garrett, a professional wrestler, had moved to Tennessee to train for the Olympics. The athlete said that he left Arizona more than a year ago, and that he had cast his ballot in Tennessee. 

Using Maricopa County’s online voter portal, Garrett confirmed that someone had submitted a ballot in Arizona that was “signature verified and counted.” 

He said he had never requested an absentee or mail-in ballot from Arizona, and had “no idea” who used his name to cast a vote in the state. 

Ingraham noted that Maricopa County recently concluded a post-election audit that claims to have found no irregularities.

Garrett said that, even though the “mainstream media” insisted otherwise, he had suspicions after the election that the results may have been illegitimate, adding that his own personal experience seems to lend support to his hunch. 

Democrat Joe Biden won Arizona by around 10,000 votes. US President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday alleging that a full review of ballots would likely hand him a win in the state. 

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Garrett’s story seems to support the Trump campaign’s claim that mail-in ballots, which went heavily in Biden’s favor, were susceptible to fraud. The president has launched a series of legal challenges in an attempt to challenge Biden’s presumed electoral victory, but the litigation has yet to significantly alter the disputed results. Election officials in several contested states have denied reports of irregularities. 

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