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6 Nov, 2020 18:16

MSNBC pundit David Corn mocked after revealing he’s worn ONLY black ties since Trump 2016 win as ‘act of mourning’

MSNBC pundit David Corn mocked after revealing he’s worn ONLY black ties since Trump 2016 win as ‘act of mourning’

Resistance pundit David Corn has utterly stunned the internet, revealing that he protested Donald Trump’s 2016 win by wearing only black ties since. Now Joe Biden, poised to win the presidency, has returned color to his wardrobe.

As Biden pulled ahead of Trump in the crucial state of Pennsylvania on Friday and widened his lead in Nevada, signifying a perhaps inevitable election victory, the MSNBC commentator, Mother Jones editor and avid Russiagate devotee made the revelation on Twitter.

“When Trump was elected, I decided I’d only wear black ties,” Corn wrote, explaining it as a “private act of mourning.” He added that, curiously, “almost no one noticed over these past four years.”

Perhaps to make people pay attention this time, or maybe to avoid shocking those who did notice the black ties and grown used to them, Corn announced that he had finally put on a mustard colored one instead.

While Corn might have been expecting his coy announcement to win him some applause, Twitter commenters were not remotely amused or touched by his big announcement or period of "mourning."

Mockery instantly flooded the comments under his tweet. Many sarcastically called the pundit “brave,”“stunning” and a “true American hero.” One even joked that he was a “modern day MLK.” Others simply described his personal act of anti-Trump resistance as “cringe.”

Some focused on the fact that nobody seemed to have noticed the pundit’s silent demonstration, calling into question the point of the whole thing. “Liberal resistance in a nutshell right there,” quipped one of Corn’s critics. “I did something purely symbolic that required zero effort which no one noticed,” another person mocked.

A few attempted to parody the writer’s self-awareness-free tweet, with one jokester responding that he similarly wore the same pair of underpants since Trump came into office.

There were indeed a few, however, who thought that Corn’s story was “good stuff.” One commenter confessed that with Biden’s election gains they themselves decided to don a new pair of shoes, ordered “a few weeks ago.”

At least one person had noticed his silent protest, however, saying they were “deeply touched” to learn why.

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