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3 Nov, 2020 04:51

‘Bob & Sally’ cartoon calls for understanding between people who vote differently. Anti-Trumpers respond: Nope.

‘Bob & Sally’ cartoon calls for understanding between people who vote differently. Anti-Trumpers respond: Nope.

A cartoon showing a man and woman named Bob and Sally who are each voting differently in the presidential election but choose to get along anyway has caused a ruction on Twitter, drawing ire from incensed Trump critics.

The cartoon, posted by Diana S. Fleischman, shows stick figures, one presumably male and the other presumably female, holding hands. The text identifies them as Bob and Sally.

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Bob “votes Republican,” while Sally “votes Democrat.” Despite this difference in opinion, the two are “friends” because they are “adults.”

“Be like Bob and Sally,” the image advises. 

Such a call for an end to tribal politics only incensed those determined to get Donald Trump out of office, as those critics got the cartoon trending - but likely not for the reasons Fleischman would have hoped for. 

“It’s 2020 and Bob is continuing to normalize fascism, racism and the destruction of our republic’s essential governing norms. If he offers me his stick-finger Republican hand, it’s going into my hastily drawn woodchipper,” writer David Simon tweeted in reaction.

“Where were the ‘good Germans?’ Playing Bob and Sally,” filmmaker Lexi Alexander added

“I genuinely don’t understand people who act like politics aren’t personal. If you think Trump is the right person to be the president of the United States, that says something about your character,” writer Dana Schwartz wrote

Fleischman previously responded to the “hate tweeting” by saying she voted for Biden and informing people that millions, even non-white Americans, will vote for the president.

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