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23 Oct, 2020 13:23

Biden called out for ‘lying’ that Republican Congress obstructed criminal justice reforms under Obama

Biden called out for ‘lying’ that Republican Congress obstructed criminal justice reforms under Obama

Presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed at the final debate with Donald Trump that the Democrats couldn’t pass criminal justice reform as the GOP controlled Congress, prompting online posters to point out it wasn’t the case.

President Trump took a jab at his electoral challenger during the Thursday debate, asking, “Why didn’t you get [criminal justice reform] done? … You know why, Joe? Because you’re all talk and no action.”

Biden was quick to defend the former Democratic administration’s supposed inaction on the issue, saying he and former president Barack Obama’s “had a Republican Congress,” which hindered any reform.

As the two major US parties regularly obstruct each other’s agenda, the politician may well have had a point. However, Biden’s remarks were far from accurate – and many commenters online were quick to spell it out.

Not only did Congress go Republican for only the last two years of the Obama-Biden administration, but, during its first two years, Democrats had a super-majority, dominating both the House and the Senate.

Online users were understandably giddy to point out such an obvious falsehood, and called Biden a liar. “Anyone with access to Google knows that’s a lie,” tweeted Republican House candidate Kimberly Klacik.

Furthermore, some commenters felt Biden’s remarks undermined his core campaign message of being a moderate, able to govern shoulder to shoulder with Republicans. “Joe Biden just told you he can’t work across the aisle,”wrote conservative political commentator Steven Crowder.

Biden supporters, however, thought he “stunned” Trump with what was a “correct response,” pointing out that Republicans were “hell bent” on stopping the Democrats’ agenda.

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