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21 Oct, 2020 12:33

‘Determined couple’: Gay penguins STEAL whole nest of eggs from lesbian pair in Netherlands zoo

‘Determined couple’: Gay penguins STEAL whole nest of eggs from lesbian pair in Netherlands zoo

A gay male penguin couple in a Netherlands zoo have brazenly stolen the eggs belonging to a lesbian penguin couple in their desperate bid for parenthood.

The gay couple, which was previously caught ‘nest-lifting’ a single egg last year, made away with a whole nest this time around. “It turns out to be a very determined couple,” Dierenpark zookeeper Sander Drost told RTV Utrecht.

The two hopeful fathers-to-be are now taking shifts sitting on the eggs to keep them warm, and foraging for food. Unfortunately, the eggs are unlikely to hatch as they may not have not been fertilized, having been laid by a lesbian couple, Drost said.

Indeed, the duo’s egg heist last year ultimately failed, as it did not produce a chick. “Homosexuality is fairly common in penguins, but what makes this couple remarkable is that they have gotten hold of an egg,” Marc Belt, another zookeeper, told DutchNews after the earlier attempt.

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The gay penguins appear to be quite the power couple at their 17-penguin-strong enclosure. According to Drost, every other bird couple has one shelter, while the nest hijackers have commandeered two.

Penguins do appear to be quite open-minded when it comes to ‘traditional’ gender roles and changing things up. In September 2019, a London aquarium decided to take the species’ ‘wokeness’ to another level, by having a lesbian couple adopt and raise the world’s first “genderless” chick.

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