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10 Sep, 2019 22:15

‘Completely natural’: London aquarium helps gay penguins get woke... they now have GENDERLESS chick

‘Completely natural’: London aquarium helps gay penguins get woke... they now have GENDERLESS chick

A London aquarium has positioned itself at the tip of the woke spear, and will have a lesbian penguin couple adopt and raise a “genderless” chick. Why, you ask? To discover its “personality” without “pre-conceived gender roles.”

The four-month-old Gentoo penguin chick will be “the world's first penguin to not have its gender assigned,” Sea Life London said, adding that “it is completely natural for penguins to develop genderless identities.” 

Amid a massive raising of eyebrows, aquarist Charlotte Barcas appeared on Sky News on Tuesday to describe how applying modern human concepts of gender identity to penguins is completely normal and not insane at all.

“We wanted to give guests an opportunity to meet that individual and learn about its personality without assigning it any sort of pre-concieved gender roles,” Barcas said.

However, in the next sentence, the aquarist admitted that “you don’t really see” socially-assigned gender roles – think a penguin version of boys playing with toy guns and girls playing with dolls – in the animal kingdom to begin with.

Gender ideology, Times columnist Janice Turner commented, “is scrambling the brains of scientists. Of course a penguin doesn’t have gender identity. It’s a bloody penguin! It has a biological sex.”

The penguin’s adoptive parents, Rocky and Marama, are both females and have demonstrated their ability to raise a chick by sticking together through six breeding seasons and jointly building a nest, Sea Life said.

However, previous attempts at giving same-sex penguins a shot at parenthood have failed. Just days before Sea Life broke the news, an egg that had been adopted by a pair of male penguins in a Berlin zoo failed to hatch.

Despite all the woke posturing, even genderless penguins can’t run – well, waddle – from the facts of life. Sea Life said that as its androgynous bird develops, it may become part of the aquarium’s breeding program. At that point, whatever gender identity it has picked up will play second fiddle to whatever is in its fluffy trousers.

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