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11 Oct, 2020 14:01

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Twitter melting down over the idea of Trump ripping shirt to reveal Superman costume underneath

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Twitter melting down over the idea of Trump ripping shirt to reveal Superman costume underneath

The New York Times claims that for his first post-hospital appearance, Donald Trump planned to pose as Superman. The imagery was apparently too much for many to handle.

The president made a brief appearance in front of hundreds of supporters on Saturday, assuring them from the White House balcony that he was feeling fine after beating Covid-19. The scene could have been much more theatrical than it actually was, if the New York Times is to be believed. Citing anonymous sources, the newspaper claimed Trump considered making a publicity stunt, but for some reason never went with it.

Also on rt.com 'I am feeling great,' Trump tells his supporters from White House balcony, in first public appearance since leaving hospital

According to the Times, the idea was as follows: “When he left the hospital, he wanted to appear frail at first when people saw him… But underneath his button-down dress shirt, he would wear a Superman T-shirt, which he would reveal as a symbol of strength when he ripped open the top layer.”

Reimagining political candidates as comic book superheroes is hardly novel in the US, and has been used by both camps during this election cycle with varying degrees of subtlety. But for some reason, the mere thought of Trump reenacting the classic costume-revealing gesture of the Man of Steel sent his opponents into a frenzy.

Cartoons depicting how Trump would look in star spangled tights soon arrived en masse. Many said they wish what was described in the story had actually happened, to prove how unhinged Trump is. Incidentally, House Democrats are currently trying to unseat the president on the grounds that he is supposedly incapable of carrying out his duties as president.

People with better knowledge of older Hollywood masterpieces pointed out that the hypothetical stunt would resemble the way Willy Wonka was introduced in the 1971 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

There was also pearl-clutching aplenty over Trump spoiling the image of the embodiment of “truth, justice and the American way,” as Superman is often described. Critics said he should instead imitate one of the supervillains among Superman’s enemies, like Bizarro or General Zod.

Some, however, believe the idea was pretty good. Actor Dean Cain, who portrayed Superman in a 1990s TV show, said the scene would have been “unforgettable.” Of course, Cain is a Trump supporter and has taken flak in the past for publicly expressing his views.

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