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29 Sep, 2020 22:21

Less than 50% of Americans would take Covid-19 vaccine, even if they were paid $100 – poll

Less than 50% of Americans would take Covid-19 vaccine, even if they were paid $100 – poll

Mounting skepticism around a Covid-19 vaccine in the US continues, with less than half of respondents saying they’d take one even if they were offered $100, according to a new poll.

Of the 1,000-plus adults who participated in the Axios-Ipsos poll, only 44 percent said they’d take a vaccine if offered the incentive of $100. They would be even less likely to get the vaccine if they were the ones who had to pay $100, with only 26 percent saying they’d be willing to take on the cost. 

More than half, however, said they’d be more “likely” to get it if their health insurance covered the entire cost. 

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The same poll found that people would most trust an endorsement of a vaccine if it came from their personal doctor (62 percent). Approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would make 54 percent more likely to trust a vaccine, while approval from President Donald Trump would only help 19 percent of respondents. Even the majority of those who identify as Republicans (60 percent) said an endorsement from the president would not help their decision of whether or not to get vaccinated. 

Other recent polling about a potential vaccine has typically shown that less than half of Americans are willing to be first in line to get inoculated, with some showingconcern about the process being rushed amid President Trump’s numerous suggestions one will likely be available before the end of the year.

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