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15 Sep, 2020 22:25

Iraq or Iran? Joe Biden seems to forget which war he voted for, while blasting Trump’s treatment of veterans

Iraq or Iran? Joe Biden seems to forget which war he voted for, while blasting Trump’s treatment of veterans

In a Florida speech promoting The Atlantic’s anonymously-sourced story that Donald Trump called veterans “losers” and “suckers”, Joe Biden added more gaffes to his list, including mixing up Iran with Iraq.

Biden made the slip-up when holding up his daily schedule, which he said has daily updates on US troop deaths overseas.

"U.S. troops died in Iran and Afghanistan, 6,000, as of today, 923," the former vice president and ex-senator, who voted for the Iraq War, said. "Not roughly 6,900 — 923, because every one of these fallen angels left behind a family, left behind a community. There is an empty seat at that table now."

“Joe Biden doesn't know the difference between Iran and Iraq, But wants to be president of the United States,” Twitter user Joel Fischer tweeted

As noted by some on social media, this is the second time Biden has mixed up the two countries in a speech addressing foreign policy. In January, he referred to Iran twice when talking about a vote in Iraq’s parliament. 

Biden’s original support of the Iraq War and his verbal gaffes have been used by Donald Trump and other critics who argue against his potential presidency.

Another gaffe highlighted on social media from Tuesday’s speech was Biden calling his potential administration the “Harris-Biden administration.” This was less than a day after vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris referred to their administration as the “Harris administration” before quickly correcting herself. 

“He’s not wrong,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted in reaction to the mix-up.

“Ironically this is the most cogent thing he’s said in weeks,” author Dave Rubin added.

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