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15 Sep, 2020 15:45

Kanye ‘the new Moses’ melts Twitter after calling music industry & NBA ‘modern day slave ships,’ threatening possible lawsuit

Kanye ‘the new Moses’ melts Twitter after calling music industry & NBA ‘modern day slave ships,’ threatening possible lawsuit

Artist and presidential hopeful Kanye West has called himself the “new Moses” and blasted the music industry a “modern day slave ship.” The rapper says he will release no new material until he’s freed from his current contracts.

“I need to see everybody’s contracts at Universal and Sony...I’m not gonna watch my people be enslaved,” the ‘Gold Digger’ singer said in one of a series of Monday night tweets. “I’m putting my life on the line for my people.”

Universal Media Group is West’s record label, while Sony is his publisher. West has been promising the release of a new album ‘Donda’ for most of the year, but has yet to make it available.

“The music industry and the NBA are modern day slave ships,” said West. “I’m the new Moses.”

In a followup tweet on Tuesday morning, West took screenshots of a direct message conversation with an unidentified person where a lawsuit against Sony and Universal to obtain the rights to his own music is mentioned and the rapper makes it clear he has no interest in working with either company. 

The rapper showed another screenshot revealing he is talking to the media company Vivendi, after asking them to reach out, possibly to start a new deal. He also compared himself to famous engineer Nikola Tesla.

“If Nikola Tesla had a Twitter the world would run off AC...Edison killed Tesla’s image to control the power LITERALLY...Tesla and I only mean well for the world,” West tweeted.

His presidential campaign was also briefly mentioned as he targeted Steve Stoute, an author and CEO who said he doesn’t want “black people voting for Kanye West” in November. 

“Steve Stoute is a good man...this is my brother...I’m disappointed with a lot of his recent decisions but Steve is my brother...I understand bro, and I’m here for life,” West wrote in one of several tweets he ended up deleting. 

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In another about Stoute, West suggested Stoute was disappointed he “didn’t do the McDonald’s deal,” referencing a recently announced collaboration between the fast food chain and rapper Travis Scott. 

“I’m sure Steve Stoute was hurt that he didn’t do the McDonald’s deal...Steve’s a good man Trav is a good man...my brothers let’s rise up...we don’t even own these companies,” West tweeted.

Like many of West’s previous tweetstorms, many on social media have responded to the latest seemingly stream-of-consciousness thoughts with mockery and mentions of West’s admitted mental struggles with bi-polar disorder.

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