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Kanye West says he’s ‘got more money than Trump’ after accusations Republicans are paying him to run

Kanye West says he’s ‘got more money than Trump’ after accusations Republicans are paying him to run
Rapper Kanye West is pushing back against claims that he is running a 2020 spoiler campaign and that he is in “cahoots” with Republicans to help defeat Joe Biden.

In a preview clip from Nick Cannon’s podcast ‘Cannon’s Class’, West laughed off theories that he is being “paid” to run his 2020 presidential campaign.

“Bro, can’t nobody pay me. I got more money than Trump!” he says. Both West and Trump are estimated to be billionaires, with their fortunes sitting at $1.3 billion and $2.1 billion respectively. West, however, has claimed his net worth is closer to $3 billion. 

West’s intentions in launching a 2020 presidential campaign have been questioned since he first announced it in July. Since then, he has made a handful of state ballots, but he has claimed he can win from a “write-in” campaign. 

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Since he was previously a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump and has mainly lashed out at the Democrats and Joe Biden during this election cycle, pundits have theorized the rapper is running a spoiler campaign to help the president in swing states. West has denied this, but he says winning the presidency in 2020 is a long shot and he may run again in 2024. 

West’s interview with Cannon is likely to only further fuel his critics’ theories about his campaign, as he says he is “walking” instead of “running” for president this year.

“You want an alternative of four years of Ye. Is that realistic right now in 2020?” Cannon says to West during the tease. 

“I'm not running for president – I'm walking,” the rapper replies. 

The interview was recorded on a ranch owned by West in Cody, Wyoming, where he has been staying for months now and has been visited by other celebrities including Justin Bieber and Dave Chappelle. 

West is so far set to appear on the ballots in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, and Iowa. In an August Politico-Morning Consult Poll, he was drawing two percent support.

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