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17 Aug, 2020 11:58

#ShadowGate gets shadowbanned? YouTube, Twitter suppress documentary on US ‘Deep State’ as InfoWars reporter behind it arrested

#ShadowGate gets shadowbanned? YouTube, Twitter suppress documentary on US ‘Deep State’ as InfoWars reporter behind it arrested

YouTube has pulled a controversial investigation by Millie Weaver from its platform, days after the InfoWars correspondent was arrested as she tried to screen the video report. The video has also been censored on Twitter.

The ‘ShadowGate’ film, uploaded by Weaver’s associate following her arrest, has been scrubbed from YouTube for violating the site’s “policy on hate speech.” The documentary, based on the reports of two private intelligence whistleblowers, purports to expose a far-reaching ‘Deep State’ security apparatus involved in manipulating US politics.

Conservative commentator Mark Dice said that the link to the YouTube video had also been banned on Twitter, which warns of “harmful content” when a user tries to post it. A search for the hashtag #ShadowGate does not seem to show any tweets in recent days, fueling speculation it could have been ‘shadowbanned’.

However, there appear to be numerous re-uploads of the documentary on multiple platforms.

Also on rt.com Infowars reporter Millie Weaver ‘arrested’ mid-premiere of her whistleblowing investigation into ‘shadow government’

Weaver and her partner Gavin Wince were arrested on Friday, just as the 29-year-old journalist was releasing the documentary. The Ohio couple have been charged with robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and domestic violence, according to reports. 

Video of their arrest, shot by Weaver herself, was posted to Twitter by an InfoWars colleague. In the footage, Weaver expresses bafflement as to why she is being detained by police. “I was literally about to break huge breaking news right now,” she says. The video of the arrest quickly went viral, fueling both speculation and conspiracy theories.

The couple is expected to appear in court on Monday. 

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