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16 Aug, 2020 16:03

'Boycott Sandals'?: Holiday resort chain cancelled by Twitter users over sponsorship of Sean Hannity's ‘racist’ Fox News show

'Boycott Sandals'?: Holiday resort chain cancelled by Twitter users over sponsorship of Sean Hannity's ‘racist’ Fox News show

A holiday resort chain which sponsors Sean Hannity's Fox News show has found itself in the crosshairs of cancel-happy Twitter users after the host convinced the platform to mark a critical video of him as "manipulated media."

The video which sparked the latest social media drama showed Hannity making comments critical of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, juxtaposed with footage of Donald Trump, which made it appear as though Hannity was targeting the president, whom he staunchly supports.

After getting the footage flagged as “manipulated media” by Twitter, MeidasTouch, the liberal group who put the video together, released an updated version, clarifying that the work was meant to be “satirical” and that Hannity’s comments were directed at the Biden/Harris ticket.

Getting their video back on social media, however, was not enough. Meidas then began promoting a boycott of Sandals Resorts, a business that sponsors Hannity’s Fox program and runs resorts in the Caribbean. Sandals has been targeted in the past for its sponsorship of other Fox News programs, including ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

“#BoycottSandals” began trending, with many leaving bad reviews and promising to never visit the resort locations in the future, some citing the company’s “support of racists,” likely in reference to Hannity’s criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement and their “war on police.” 

Targeting the company itself was also not enough, as Meidas then turned its attention to the personal Twitter account of the resorts’ deputy chairman, Adam Stewart, suggesting that he believes the Covid-19 pandemic is a “hoax.”

Not everyone took the attempt at cancellation as seriously as Meidas and its followers. Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke dubbed it “the dumbest new addition” to the cancel culture craze.

The aggressive push to cancel the company also led some to point out that most people announcing they would be “boycotting” the chain probably weren’t planning to visit any Sandals Resorts in the future anyway.

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