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15 Aug, 2020 19:28

Joe Rogan lambasts Alyssa Milano and other woke celebs, says they become activists ‘as soon as the calls stop coming’

Joe Rogan lambasts Alyssa Milano and other woke celebs, says they become activists ‘as soon as the calls stop coming’

Joe Rogan has thrown major shade at Alyssa Milano, after she cursed the world over the fact he had more podcast listeners than her. The comedian said Hollywood celebrities want to appear “super woke” to keep their careers.

In the latest episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, the eponymous host and comedian Tim Dillon discussed people’s current obsession with airing political takes on absolutely every subject. At this point, Rogan appeared to suggest he was aware of Milano’s recent tweets, in which she complained that his podcast was so much more popular than her own.

“I think we should leave it all to Alyssa Milano,” Rogan joked while talking about people expressing their political opinions.

“That’s the way to be relevant now, is to be... political,” Dillon said in response, prompting Rogan to theorize about why performers like Milano turn to activism.

"That shift where you go from actor to activist… as soon as the f**king calls stop coming in, you’re like, 'all right, I’m an activist,'" Rogan said. 

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Rogan – who has himself acted in TV shows like ‘NewsRadio’ and films such as ‘The Zookeeper’ – later expanded on this theory, saying woke activism is just another role for most actors, and they are also doing what is expected of them by a liberal industry in order to progress their careers. 

“They find the pattern, the way they have to talk and the things they have to talk about, and they lock into those things with no deviation. They find whatever the line is where Hollywood wants,” he said. “It’s always left, always super progressive, always super woke, and they f**king ride that line like a railroad train – no deviation, and it’s so obvious.”

Dillon concurred, saying he sees the drift progressive activism as little more than a way for most celebrities to get attention, and maybe even extra work, from liberal producers who pay attention to political tweets and activism. 

Though Milano still acts – albeit in much smaller projects than when she was at the height of her performing career  – she has become increasingly known for her activism for the Democrat Party. It seems her two careers are even beginning to merge, as an upcoming role finds her playing a fictional version of herself as she balances family and a new mayoral career. 

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