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11 Aug, 2020 17:26

UFO hunter claims to have unearthed ‘alien underground bases’ in South Carolina

UFO hunter claims to have unearthed ‘alien underground bases’ in South Carolina

A self-proclaimed UFO expert claims to have discovered the entrances to five different underground bases in South Carolina. The alien hunter says he believes that the alleged bases have secret passages that lead to the sea.

Scott Waring of ET DataBase says he discovered the alien outposts hiding in plain sight in South Carolina’s Pee Dee Island while trawling through Google Earth. The features in question are five oval-shaped depressions, which appear to line-up perfectly in the satellite image.

This striking formation was enough to convince Waring that the ovals hide underground alien bases and prompted him to speculate that they have long passageways which lead to the sea.

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“The location is just 50km away from the ocean, so the underground base may extend out into the open sea and allow the UFOs to exit over there instead. However, these old exits/entrances are still visible, so they were obviously used a lot,” Waring said in a blog post about the phenomenon.

The theory coincides with Waring’s belief that aliens have built underwater bases on Earth.

“The five islands are at a perfect 45-degree angle on the map according to the US geological service,” Waring continued. “The five ovals have a center oval that is largest and smaller and then smaller again as it goes outside. They are lined up parallel to each other. All this should be statistically impossible and yet...there it is.”

While the oval shaped features are striking, the scientific explanation is that they are an example of the wetland features known as Carolina Bays. These are elliptical depressions that are largely filled with rain and shallow groundwater. They are primarily found in the Carolinas and Georgia but can also be seen in many places along the US Atlantic seaboard. 

Interestingly, geologists aren’t entirely sure what caused the odd shaped water features to develop with some even suggesting that they may be the result of an ancient comet impact. However, most experts believe that they are the remains of ancient erosive processes which are no longer taking place.

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