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8 Aug, 2020 22:06

He 'deserves a raise': ‘Karen’ roasted for shaming store manager for not doing enough about non-mask wearer

He 'deserves a raise': ‘Karen’ roasted for shaming store manager for not doing enough about non-mask wearer

A trans activist’s attempt to shame a grocery store manager over not enforcing a Covid-19 mask mandate has epically backfired, with critics labeling the complainer a “super Karen.”

“I was just threatened w/assault at @kroger in Louisville because I asked another customer to wear a mask, and she refused,” Danielle Muscato tweeted. 

Muscato said a manager was informed of the confrontation and talked to the non-mask wearing customer, but “refused to do anything more.” 

Muscato then posted an image of the store manager, named him, and attempted to shame him. 

“His name is Andy, and he does not want Twitter to know that.”

Muscato also asked for security footage of the encounter with the non-mask wearing customer, but the store refused. 

Muscato was likely looking for support, and though the situation trended on Twitter, thousands chimed in to criticize the “super Karen,” a term usually used to refer to an entitled and not self-aware complaining white woman, for trying to ‘cancel’ and dox Kroger manager.

“One of the few positives of the pandemic is exposing the ‘narc’ mentality so frequently by its very offenders, that none of us want to be that way,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld tweeted

“Andy sounds like the good guy in this interaction,” podcaster Noah Blum added.

Muscato, however, has refused to back down from the decision to post the picture, blasting “Andy” for not enforcing the mask mandate put in place by Kroger.

While they were few and far between, some did support Muscato’s hard stance on mask wearing.

Mask wearing has become a hotly debated issue in the US. While many businesses now require masks to be worn to protect from the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, some have questioned the usefulness of masks and it has led to a wave of virtue-signaling viral videos where people attempt to shame and dox people not wearing them. This has led to screaming and violent confrontations across the country.

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