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8 Aug, 2020 19:13

Portland protesters attack another police HQ, throw rocks and fireworks at officers (VIDEOS)

Portland protesters attack another police HQ, throw rocks and fireworks at officers (VIDEOS)

Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland fired rocks and fireworks at police on the 71st night of demonstrations in the city, with some even wearing body armor and shields as they clashed with officers.

On Friday night, demonstrators made their way to the Penumbra Kelly Building in Portland, a headquarters shared by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Portland Police Bureau.

Portland Police said in a statement on Saturday that they warned the crowd several times that arrests would be made for trespassing, but not all protesters cooperated. Some eventually took to launching rocks and fireworks at the gathered officers.

Lasers were also used in an attempt to obscure the vision of police, a tactic that has become more commonly used and can cause eye injuries.

Protesters blocked traffic and used pool noodles filled with nails to damage incoming police cruisers, which caused “extensive tire damage” to at least one vehicle, the police statement said.

Several arrests were made. One protester taken into custody was wearing “ballistic body armor,” while another was charged with illegal use of a laser after trying to shine it into a police helicopter. 

Video also shows Portland Police clashing with hundreds of protesters, both sides using shields, in Southeast Portland.

As police dispersed the crowd, the rioters ran and attempted to hide on private property. Video captured one homeowner telling them to leave.

Protesters had targeted the Portland Police East Precinct only the night before and attempted to knock down barriers protecting the building. A fire was also started, and two elderly women who attempted to put it out were harassed by demonstrators.

While Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has shown support for the protests in the past and referred to them as “peaceful,” he called Wednesday’s assembly “not peaceful.” 

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However, he seemed particularly concerned that videos of protesters attacking police precincts could be used as a “prop for the reelection campaign of Donald Trump,” worrying that the footage would be used in campaign ads. 

Trump addressed the ongoing protests in Portland during a press conference on Friday, where he said Mayor Wheeler has “surrendered to the mob” and he called the demonstrations “the radical left’s agenda in action.”

Federal authorities were deployed to Portland last month after protesters attempted to burn down a federal courthouse. A deal was made with the mayor and governor that the troops would leave the city provided violence against federal property and police officers remained under control, but the president has promised to redeploy federal officers if the city’s officials cannot handle the rioters.

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