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24 Jun, 2020 09:01

‘Alien overlords’ or CGI? Strange lights purportedly spotted above Miami spark Twitter theories (VIDEO)

‘Alien overlords’ or CGI? Strange lights purportedly spotted above Miami spark Twitter theories (VIDEO)

A video claiming to show glowing spheres hovering above Miami, Florida, has caused considerable head-scratching on social media, with some arguing that the incredible footage is clearly phony.

Footage shared on Twitter appears to show a large orb surrounded by five smaller balls floating in the night sky. The smaller spheres then shoot off in different directions and disappear.

"This video is from a friend in Miami. Can anyone explain?" read the accompanying text. The tweet, posted by lawyer Rogan O'Handley, was followed by a second clip, allegedly from the "same friend." In the second video, a narrator is heard saying, "no bulls**t" as he focuses the camera on surrounding buildings before zooming in on the bizarre configuration of lights. With more than 185,000 followers on Twitter, Handley's videos quickly spread across social media, catching the attention of blue-checkmarked pundits.

"I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords," joked popular political commenter Dave Rubin, in response to the clip.

"Invasion starting...hopefully," quipped actor and producer Joel Heyman.

Although some seemed to take the footage at face value, others said the clips raised obvious red flags. Several commenters noted that it was extremely suspicious that no other footage exists of the spectacular incident – pointing to the likelihood that the videos were doctored.

Internet sleuths who combed over the footage claimed that the lack of blurring as the camera panned to the bright globes proves that there's something fishy about the sensational clips.

Alleged evidence of extra-terrestrial activity periodically pops up on Twitter. Last month, numerous videos purportedly showing pulsating, ball-shaped objects over the skies of Brazil sparked a flurry of speculation about possible UFO sightings.

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