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14 Jun, 2020 10:33

As it happened: VIDEOS show lead-up to Atlanta police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

As it happened: VIDEOS show lead-up to Atlanta police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Multiple videos provide a chronology of what led to the death of Rayshard Brooks, beginning with Atlanta police questioning him in a Wendy’s parking lot, and ending with fatal gunshots.

Bodycam video from officer Garrett Rolfe

Why were the police there?

Rolfe arrives at the scene (2:00) and gets out of his car, as officer Devin Bronsan approaches him. Bronsan explains that he found Brooks passed out in his car, and that he knocked on his window and that it took “a few minutes” to wake him up. He tells Rolfe that he smelled alcohol in the car and that Brooks was slurring his words and wasn’t sure where he was.

Bronsan explains that Wendy’s employees called the police because Brooks had passed out in the drive-through and that Brooks was instructed to pull his automobile into a nearby parking space. He says he didn’t want to leave the scene because he was concerned that Brooks could be intoxicated and might try to drive away. Rolfe then says he will go talk to him.

How did the police conversation with Brooks start?

Rolfe walks over to Brooks (3:15), who is leaning out of the driver’s seat of his car with the door open. The officer asks Brooks to tell him about what had happened. Brooks says that a friend dropped him off at the Wendy’s and he was there to get something to eat. Rolfe tells Brooks (4:50) that someone called 911 because he was asleep behind the wheel while in the Wendy’s drive-through. Brooks says he doesn’t recall this. The officer asks Brooks how much has had to drink. Brooks says he had one drink earlier and denied taking any drugs.

What happened when Brooks got out of the car?

Rolfe asks Brooks to step out of his car (8:50) and asks if he has any weapons on him. Brooks says no and then agrees to a pat-down search. Rolfe doesn’t find any weapons, but notes there is a bulge in Brooks’ pocket – which Brooks says is a wad of cash.
Brooks is asked to undergo a sobriety test (10:00). He then performs a number of exercises administered by Rolfe. Upon further questioning, Brooks admits (24:50) that he has had too much to drink but insists that he can still “focus.” He consents to a breathalyzer test.

When did Brooks start to resist?

After administering the test (29:25), Rolfe tells Brooks that he thinks he’s had too many drinks to be driving, and asks him to put his hands behind his back. As Rolfe puts on the handcuffs, Brooks begins to struggle. The bodycam appears to fall off Rolfe (29:30). One officer can be heard shouting, “stop fighting!” while another screams “you’re going to get tased! You’re going to get tased!” Moments later, one officer shouts, “Hands off the f**king taser.” Scuffling can be heard, presumably as the officers wrestle with Brooks off camera.

With the bodycam still lying on the ground, one officer is heard yelling (30:00), “stop fighting!” Brooks is then briefly seen being tased. Bronsan appears on camera for a moment as he runs towards the fleeing suspect. Seconds later, three gunshots ring out.

Dashcam video

How did the struggle begin?

The two officers attempt to arrest Brooks (0:05). At first it appears he will comply. Brooks then attempts to break free from the two cops (0:10), who try to restrain him. Brooks is briefly wrestled to the ground. Brooks continues to struggle (0:20). The officers scream “stop fighting” and “you’re going to get tased.”

What led to the shooting?

Brooks then grabs a taser from Bronsan and manages to get to his feet. Brooks points the taser at Rolfe (0:43) and runs off screen. Rolfe fires his taser several times. Three gunshots (0:50) ring out off camera. Shouting and screaming can be heard.

Wendy’s security footage

How did the shooting happen?

The footage begins with Brooks running across the parking lot with Rolfe in pursuit. Brooks appears (0:03) to briefly point the taser that he took at Rolfe as he runs. Rolfe drops his own taser and pulls out his gun. Rolfe and Bronsan then rush (0:10) over to Brooks’ body, which is lying behind a car waiting in the Wendy’s drive-through.

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