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13 Jun, 2020 18:34

Video of unarmed black man shot by Atlanta police sparks massive outrage amidst George Floyd protests

Video of unarmed black man shot by Atlanta police sparks massive outrage amidst George Floyd protests

A video of two Atlanta police officers shooting an unarmed black man who later died is sparking massive outrage and accusations of police brutality and racism. Details of the case are still scarce.

Atlanta officers responded to a call of a suspicious person on Friday night that led them to a Wendy’s drive-thru where 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was allegedly asleep in his car. 

According to the George Bureau of Investigations (GBI), Brooks failed a field sobriety test and resisted when police tried to place him in custody. A stun gun was used by one of the officers, which Brooks tried to take, following which he ran and was shot. He later died during emergency surgery at the hospital.

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One of the responding officers was also treated for an injury, but was released from the hospital.

Atlanta has been one of the major US cities to see continuing massive protests over the death of George Floyd. Dozens of protesters also reportedly gathered at the scene of Brooks’ shooting where they chanted things like “no justice, no peace” while officers blocked off the scene. 

Though little is still known about the Brooks case, outrage has already been prevalent on social media thanks to a witness video showing officers struggling with Brooks and then shooting him.

“Someone is lying, and it ain't this video,” reporter Holly Figuera O’Reilly tweeted along with the footage.

“I have no words just know Atlanta PD will feel our pain today,” author Kiersten Harris added. 

GBI is currently investigating the shooting, and it’s the 48th officer-involved shooting they have looked into this year, with 15 of those being fatal. Once the investigation is concluded, the findings will be handed over to prosecutors. 

Since Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, protests over police brutality and racial inequality have occurred in major US cities and around the world. Protesters have currently claimed a few blocks in Seattle, Washington, and driven police out — something President Donald Trump has said multiple times needs to be stopped either by the state or federal government.

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