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10 Jun, 2020 17:26

Candace Owens claims BLM riots ‘destroyed MORE black lives’ than cops have in a DECADE

Candace Owens claims BLM riots ‘destroyed MORE black lives’ than cops have in a DECADE

Candace Owens has stoked the fire amid the protests at George Floyd’s death, after she spoke against the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming riots have “destroyed more innocent black lives” in a month than cops had in a decade.

“Fact: Black Lives Matter riots have destroyed more innocent black lives in the last month, than white police officers have in a decade,” Owens tweeted on Wednesday.

Owen’s declaration has earned plenty of pushback from liberals on social media, something the conservative commentator is no doubt used-to at this point.

“Putting ‘Fact’ in front of a bs statement doesn’t make it fact,” one user tweeted.

“Why do you CONTINUALLY post your opinions as facts?” another replied

Though Owens does not specify how “innocent black lives” had been destroyed amidst the protests across the nation, multiple people have died during demonstrations, including a retired black officer named David Dorn in St. Louis, a death highlighted by President Donald Trump.

Also on rt.com 24yo suspected looter charged with first-degree murder of retired black cop David Dorn

Black restaurateur David McAtee was also shot and killed this week, with preliminary reports stating the bullet came from the Kentucky National Guard. 

In follow up tweets, Owens called BLM a “terrorist group funded by white Democrats” and saying she does not relate to Floyd or others simply because they are black.

“I’m always confused by people who say things like ‘Don’t you see yourself in George Floyd.’ No. Why? Do all White people see themselves in Ted Bundy? Do all Chinese people see themselves in Mao Zedong?” she tweeted. “If you expect me to relate to people based on skin tone, you’re an idiot.”

Owens was previously blasted on social media as a “white supremacist” and “racist” for releasing a video declaring Floyd neither a “martyr” or a “hero,” because of his criminal history.

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