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From White House to Golden Gate: Massive crowds rally nationwide to protest the death of George Floyd (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Thousands of protesters flooded the main streets, squares and bridges in nationwide protest over the death of George Floyd, leading some to question whether a second wave of Covid-19 is imminent.

Chicago, Washington, DC and New York all saw large groups gather to march and demonstrate, all of which have been peaceful as of Saturday afternoon. 

New Yorkers marched for hours, eventually making their way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and held signs saying things like “no justice, no peace” and “defund the police,” a slogan that has become popular in recent days thanks to a petition signed by various celebrities and activists calling for police budgets to be slashed across the nation.

In DC, marchers gathered at the Lincoln Memorial and proceeded to march down Pennsylvania Avenue, heading straight for the White House, but could not get further than a fresh fence around Lafayette Square.

In San Francisco, protesters moved their act to the Golden Gate Bridge even blocking lanes of traffic, which police appeared unable to control.

Video of protesters in Philadelphia were especially staggering, with aerial footage showing an enormous crowd near the city’s Museum of Art.

Crowds danced and chanted “black lives matter,” and a wedding was even held at one point, with the couple reportedly joining the demonstration after the ceremony.

Although some people wore masks and gloves, the amount of demonstrators was so massive that some questioned whether the lack of social distancing would lead to a second wave of coronavirus, something Dr. Anthony Fauci said was entirely possible in a Saturday interview.

“This protest crowd in Philly is unbelievable ... unfortunately, now there’s no way a 2nd peak of COVID-19 doesn’t hit us,” one Twitter user wrote along with footage of the massive group of protesters.

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