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Texas CHAINSAW counter-protester: Man arrested after confronting demonstrators with infamous ‘massacre’ weapon (VIDEO)

Texas CHAINSAW counter-protester: Man arrested after confronting demonstrators with infamous ‘massacre’ weapon (VIDEO)
A chainsaw-wielding Texan has been detained after threatening a group of demonstrators with his lumber-cutting mechanical tool. Thankfully, the altercation did not devolve into Hollywood-inspired violence.

A small group of seemingly peaceful protesters in McAllen, Texas briefly found themselves in a real-life slasher film, after a man with a chainsaw rushed at them while shouting profanities.

Footage of the bizarre incident shows a man pointing the deadly tool at protesters as he shouts at them.

“Move! Go home!” he yells above his roaring chainsaw.

He then uses a racial slur while warning against protesting, adding: “Don’t let those f**king trash Antifa b***h people [lie to you].”

The small group run off camera, with one individual shouting that someone should call the police.

Police told local media that the frightening incident stood out during a day of peaceful demonstrations in the town, and that the chainsaw-wielding man has been arrested. No one was injured in the altercation, according to law enforcement officials.

Nationwide protests against racism have been marred by looting and violence. Although largely peaceful, some demonstrations have reportedly been infiltrated by radical groups such as Antifa.

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