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CCTV footage released by police shows armed people in looted shop near where black cop David Dorn was killed

CCTV footage released by police shows armed people in looted shop near where black cop David Dorn was killed
Police have released surveillance footage showing several individuals inside the ransacked pawn shop in St. Louis where retired police captain David Dorn was gunned down, deeming them “persons of interest” in the case.

Captured by several surveillance cameras inside the shop, the video shows a group of men snooping around the looted property around the time Dorn was killed. At least two of them appear to be armed, the footage shows.

Police have described the men only as “persons of interest” linked to the case, indicating that formal charges have yet to be filed against anybody involved in the veteran officer’s killing. A reward of up to $45,000 has been offered for any valuable information on the murder.


Dorn, a 77-year-old black man who served 38 years on the force, was shot and killed outside the pawn shop on Tuesday morning, as he apparently tried to stop looters from ransacking the establishment. Disturbing footage of the aftermath of the shooting has made the rounds online, showing a bloodied Dorn dying on the pavement outside the shop.

The murder caused a wave of outrage nationwide, with many hailing the late captain as a hero who fell victim to the ongoing violence across the US. Tribute to Dorn has been also paid by President Donald Trump, who said the “great police captain” was “viciously shot and killed by despicable looters.”

Mass protests have been raging across the country for over a week now – spreading to every US state – triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black man killed at the hands of Minneapolis police during an arrest last Monday.

In many locations, the protests devolved into outright riots with widespread looting, arson and other instances of violence, resulting in multiple casualties among the protesters and police alike.


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