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4 Jun, 2020 15:08

The Great Screen Robbery: Chicago looters make off with TVs & other expensive goods from MOVING TRAIN in broad daylight (VIDEO)

The Great Screen Robbery: Chicago looters make off with TVs & other expensive goods from MOVING TRAIN in broad daylight (VIDEO)

Video has emerged online purporting to show looters audaciously stealing flat screen TVs and other electronics from a slow-moving freight train in Chicago, as mass protests raged across the US.

As the wave of peaceful anti-police brutality protests continue across the US – along with violent and chaotic rioting – in the wake of the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, reports of looting have been widespread. 

Unverified footage posted to YouTube showing screen recordings of a Facebook Live, allegedly taken in Chicago on Sunday, shows dozens of people pilfering a moving freight train, making off with a variety of electronic goods.

RT.com has contacted the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Police Department for more details on the incident. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Union Pacific confirmed to the New York Post that one of the company’s trains was robbed outside its rail yard near Western Avenue on Chicago’s south side. 

“We believe the burglary was instigated by people familiar with the area and the movement of our trains; however, once it was discovered TVs were inside the containers others joined in,” the representative said.

“Due to Cook County’s orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic, no arrests were made.”

Protestors and rioters alike have flaunted the city’s imposed curfew and taken to the streets each day to vent their anger and frustration at police brutality across the US, which boiled over last week following the death of George Floyd.

Elsewhere in the US, brazen acts of looting involving construction vehicles were caught on camera, as authorities in multiple states struggle to contain the unrest.

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